Sing, sing it loud.


I was scrolling the Facebook timeline- which is something I do fairly irregularly- and this sentence popped me in the eye. Seriously, I think I have a virtual black eye now.

“Don’t die with your song still inside of you.”

Profound- at least for me. I have a lot of lyrics I want to share.

I went through a pretty major loss in my life recently. I lost one of my closest friends to suicide. That statement above, SCREAMS his name. He too had many songs yet to be sung. I know, I know, in truth we all do. It’s just that Jake felt the world and thought of the world differently than most people I have ever met. YES we can break this down and say that every person see the world differently but Jake, Jake was an undiscovered genius.

Something haunted him, the same way any artist has that “thing” that haunts him or her. This thing, it plagued him with darkness and held him down and yes, in the same way any artist could be held down. The story isn’t anything new- but the point is the same.


Go forth! Sing it aloud! Share it with the world! Blog it! Vlog it! Status update it! Tell it to yours! or Share it with the world.

Please do.

I’m not dead yet and I got to start to sing really loudly cuz I want the world to hear me.


Published by: Craig Wilson

Craig has been an event coordinator, filmmaker and been enthusiast since the late 90's. Currently programming film festivals and studying to become a certified beer judge he plans on marrying his skills as an event coordinator, filmmaking and growing beer knowledge.

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