#30Nods: Discovering the trailer

For the first time in months I am about to reread the entire script.

The goal is to truly remind me of the essence of the film. Time to boil it down to it’s very basics- Heroin. Friends. Vlog.

Heroin is the most evil of all drugs. It is the drug that rips your life away from you. It is the drug that makes decisions for you. It is the drug that you betray people for. It is your life, your love, your family, your friend.

In a heroin circle, friends are expendable and a toy to get your new king. Much like you, heroin circle friends are enslaved but rarely have a taste for wanting or even deserving freedom. The ball and chain is wrapped around any vein they can find.

The creative choice to shoot this story in the format of a video blog enhanced the grit and rawness of the life of a heroin addict. It is in fact as much of a character of the film as the physical people are. The cameras are the povs or the eyes, they are the grit, the dirty lifestyle, they are the crap that lies beneath the surface.

This trailer- as I cut it- needs to showcase Heroin, Friends and Vlog.

That is in fact the essence of the story.

#30Nods Heroin injection


Published by: Craig Wilson

Craig has been an event coordinator, filmmaker and been enthusiast since the late 90's. Currently programming film festivals and studying to become a certified beer judge he plans on marrying his skills as an event coordinator, filmmaking and growing beer knowledge.

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