Inflating the workhorse


Excited fists pump in the air.

Lock and load.

Life is brand new.

Everything takes more experiences to become super familiar.

Transporting myself down the streets of Hollywood has never been so much fun. Zipping, zigging, zagging and manuevering through people, cars and turns has become a delight.

Going home and feeling a smile crawl over my face is a relieving feeling. More comfortable than the dark hole I lived in firguratively and realistically.

The domiscile is filled with change, everyday convieniences have unfamiliar nuances, quirks and character.

All these little things create an unrecognizable world. One of which deserves my love and affection. A universe that has reinspired my spirit, pumped up my ambition and inflated my work horse attitude.

“Hey, OSCAR! I AM coming for you!”


Published by: Craig Wilson

Craig has been an event coordinator, filmmaker and been enthusiast since the late 90's. Currently programming film festivals and studying to become a certified beer judge he plans on marrying his skills as an event coordinator, filmmaking and growing beer knowledge.

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