Cardboard of importance

It was “just” a box.

Clearly this is inaccurate. Sure it is created by cardboard and it folded into a rectangular container of sorts. It’s potential is greater than it’s obvious description.

What? Exactly? To? Do? With? It?

It’s really not a new invention but the concept is still a surprise when it’s introduced to people.

“Cardboard Virtual Reality?” most wonder while scratching their heads.

“Google does good and makes this alternative reality graspable,” I like to think I say.

Yes, for about $25 and a download of a few apps you too can escape into a new world.

Personally? I like the thought of creating new stories in a different medium with it. Realizing it’s complications and it’s canvas being very unique as compared to the traditional routes of storytelling, most of what I will do will be of the experimental kind- cuz none of my theories will come to realization without this important step.

Perhaps, armed with my 360 degrees video camera I will begin to experiment…tomorrow.



Published by: Craig Wilson

Craig has been an event coordinator, filmmaker and been enthusiast since the late 90's. Currently programming film festivals and studying to become a certified beer judge he plans on marrying his skills as an event coordinator, filmmaking and growing beer knowledge.

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